Cultural Meanings is here to help you communicate and gain knowledge across cultural and linguistic boundaries. We provide language and research services to clients all over the world from our base in Dublin. We believe that cultural and linguistic differences should not be a barrier to conducting business. We can help you to unlock your global potential and pursue new opportunities through bespoke research and effective localisation of textual and audio-visual content.

We have over 20 years of experience as an independent language service provider delivering high quality translation and subtitling to clients across most industries. Our core in-house languages are English, Japanese, Spanish, German and Danish, and you can call on our international network of language professionals for other language combinations. In partnership with you, we create outstanding content tailored to the needs of your audience.

We have experience in applied social, political and financial research with regional expertise focused on, but not limited to, Western Europe and East Asia. We can help you to gain critical country, regional and sectoral insights into the developments affecting your current or potential markets, clients or collaborators and to assess the risks associated with business and investment decisions. In this business area we also provide briefings, organise workshops and are available for speaking engagements.